MP3 Sorter: V 1.5
By: Marc Riley
Download (839k)
A quick program that reads the file name and resorts the songs my artist.  Note: The files must be named correctly first.  The next version will support ID3 Tags.
PIC-Index: V 1.0.1418
By: Marc Riley
Download (k)
This program will search through the directory and subdirectories to create a Tree View to organize your pictures.  This program uses thumbnails to make browsing on the web faster. (Example)   Available upon request.

Even though these programs were not written by me,
they are a must have for anyone with a MP3 Collection.

Download EvilLyrics! Evil Lyrics
By: Evil Labs
Download (511k) V 138
This little program works with your player to bring you Lyrics.  It uses two search pages to automatically find the Lyrics for the current song playing!  It's So Cool!
Check out there website:
By: Michael Pluemper
Download (1.4m) V 3.1.8
Edit the ID3 Tags Of multiple MP3s easily, also Re-Names MP3s using its ID3 Tag.
Check out there website:
MP3 Utility
By: Peter F. Smith
Download (127k) V 1.72
This really small program scans through your MP3's and looks for defects, if it finds any it can move them to a special directory where you can fix them later.
Check out there website:
MP3 Gain
By: Glen Sawyer
Download (621k) V 1.2.5
This Program will normalize all your MP3 to the same volume level, with out damaging them.
Check out there website:
MP3 To Wave converter
By: Acoustica
Download (1,376k)
This program easily converts a variety of audio formats to MP3 or any other format.
Check out there website: Acoustica MP3 To Wave Converter PLUS
Programs on this page may require
MS Patch '.Net Fix (21.3m)'